Sunday, February 26, 2017

Still Raining in CA

Hello All! It still hasn't stopped raining! I thank my Heavenly Father every day that we are not on bikes! and also that we are not in an area that is having really bad flooding like some other parts of CA.
This week we have been contacting a lot of referrals but no one wants to learn about Jesus :( We just want one referral to want one lesson with us so the members can be more confident with their referrals. We also taught our investigators  Joan and Tanya about the plan of salvation and they both were excited about the spirit world and what God has in store for us after death. Tanya and her daughter Rylee came to sacrament meeting yesterday! 

I read a a couple of days ago General Conference talk by president Uchtdorf  "Come Join with Us"
He addressed a lot of doubts that people have about the church and answered a lot of questions people have about coming back to church after leaving. He said:
"If you expect to find perfect people here, you will be disappointed. But if you seek the pure doctrine of Christ, the word of God 'which healeth the wounded soul,' and the sanctifying influence of the Holy Ghost, then here you will find them. In this age of waning faith—in this age when so many feel distanced from heaven’s embrace—here you will find people who yearn to know and draw closer to the Savior by servinGod and fellowmen, just like you. Come, join with us!" 
No one in the church is perfect but we all try to come closer to Jesus Christ. As a missionary we often use a phrase similar to " we are not perfect teachers so please ask questions if we don't explain something clearly." I am so thankful to not be part of a church where people are not perfect because I am not perfect. As missionaries, Jesus doesn't ask us to  ask people to be perfect  immediately, He just wants them to try and try again to follow Him.

Thank you for all the prayers!

Sister Karen Duersch
San Jose CA Missionary

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